Yaxingtu (Jiangmen) Craft Products Co., Ltd

AS Metal is a professional liquid metal coating application company, providing truly unique metal coatings for indoor and outdoor applications. We have developed a proprietary technology to bond liquid semi precious metal on the surface of any substrate, and we are committed to continuous development, to continuously develop the product series we provide, and to introduce new technology and new aesthetics to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers.

AS Metal liquid metal coating provides inspiration for architecture and designers. They expand the design and structural potential of any substrate, giving the product a solid metal appearance without any restrictions. Once applied, the surface can be regarded as a complete metal solid and can be polished, textured and aged like any solid metal.

The AS Metal liquid metal coating technology and design team is committed to assisting all design fields - architecture, furniture, signage, sculpture and shop decoration - to fully develop the unlimited potential of liquid metal coating. This innovative method of producing metal coated surfaces allows endless customization and a truly unique finished product.

Substrates that can be bonded by AS Metal liquid metal coating include but are not limited to MDF, wood, gypsum, ceramics, glass fiber, concrete, acrylic acid, glass and steel. Liquid metal coating technology can use metals including bronze, brass, tin, nickel, zinc, graphite and stainless steel, as well as a series of alloys.